Backlink Audit

Backlink audit service and review

Improve your site’s SEO health with a backlink audit

Link building is an essential SEO technique. When you want your site to rank well in search you need a backlink game plan. But there are two kinds of links in this SEO world…

Good links earn Google love. These links come from trusted websites link back to yours. This is exactly what you want.

Bad links earn Google penalties. These links come from low-quality, spammy sites pushing fake traffic to your site for their own SEO gains.

Don’t know who’s linking to you? It’s time for a website backlink audit.

A thorough audit from Compass Digital Strategies shows you every website that’s linking to yours. It spots toxic links that need blocking, as well as highlighting where positive SEO links are coming from. (So we can create a link building plan that includes more of the good stuff!)


See how strong your backlinks are


Backlink audits — the super sleuth in your SEO plan

Seeing your competitors outrank you is frustrating. A network of solid backlinks could be putting them in front.

You can find out with a backlink audit. And start working towards your own strong link building plan.

As well as showing good and bad links pointing to your site, backlink audits reveal link opportunities your competitors are using.

Compass Digital Strategies believes competition is healthy. Through backlink research I’ll find new opportunities for you to capitalize on.

Need a stand-out guest blog, press release, or infographic to secure links? No problem. We have a professional copywriter and designer on hand.

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Putting your backlink audit together

1. Get all the links
Using multiple SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs I run a thorough audit of your site’s backlinks. The data shows me:

  • Backlink page traffic
  • Current site trust and authority
  • Anchor text (the hyperlinked words) around the backlink
  • Number of backlinks
  • Referring domains (to your site)
  • Outbound links (from your site)

2. Organizing by domain. Sorting the good from the bad
All domains are categorized from ‘high risk’ to ‘low risk’, so I can spot toxic links. With the links are organized, I delve deeper into each one marking them as good links (ones to keep) or bad links (ones to banish).

3. Banish the spam
Where possible, I’ll ask the site owner to remove the bad backlink. If this can’t happen spammy and low-quality links are kicked out using a ‘disavow tool’ so Google ignores them. .

4. Competitor comparisons
Let’s make this data work harder! I compare your site’s backlink health to your main competitors. This shows your current position in the SEO backlink rankings and reveals new link building opportunities.

Making your audit work

Your completed backlink audit is emailed to you. Get a clear breakdown of your site’s backlink health, along with recommendations for backlink improvements.

I’ll also invite you to join me on a consultation call. We’ll discuss the results of your audit, current impacts on your SEO, and how to climb search engine rankings by implementing a stronger link building plan.

Ready to see how good your backlinks are?