Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big deal for your small business

Hire a professional email marketer and claim your place in your customer’s inbox


That’s a good feeling. But the warm and fuzzies is only part of the joy of email marketing.

Email marketing is your chance to deliver more of what your customers want

Every marketing email you send should positively affect your business, contributing to your key performance indicators. Your emails need to be strong and relevant so they stand out in their inbox.

Getting your email marketing to that point takes planning and setup time.

Hiring a professional email marketer, like me, makes the process easier so you feel the benefits sooner.

As an SEO strategist with 20 years of digital marketing experience, I know my way around an email marketing plan.

I can help with

Email integration
Connecting your email marketing platform with your website and creating an eye-catching sign up form.

Template layout
Custom layouts for automated emails, using design best practicse for email marketing.

Email series setup and triggers
Welcome emails and abandoned cart messages set to automatically send when the time’s right.

Campaign analysis and reporting
Clear and concise campaign reports so we can celebrate the wins and find areas for improvement.

Advanced email marketing strategy
Keeping your email marketing strong and relevant so customers stay engaged and happy.

Tell me your ambitions and I’ll create the plan

You may not know exactly which email marketing service you need help with.

That’s fine.

Contact me today. Tell me your current email marketing challenges and what you’d like your business to achieve.

I’ll take it from there.