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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and paid advertising attracts strong leads. When someone searches online for the products or services you offer, SEM puts your company in front of them. Online advertising works faster than organic SEO. It accelerates traffic volume and sale opportunities.

By understanding your business ambitions and your audiences’ intent, Compass Digital Strategies builds, launches and manages well-planned SEM campaigns for Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Choose your SEM services

There are different styles of adverts and each search engine has their own system. All are designed to raise your brand’s visibility and increase sale opportunities.

Google Ads

Search Ads

Also known as Google text ads. These appear on search result pages and across the Google Network. When a consumer searches for your product or service, your ads appear.

Display Ads

Shown to your audience as they’re browsing websites, social channels and apps. They can be static images, animated banners, audio or video ads.


Sometimes called ‘retargeting’, this advertising reaches consumers who have already visited your site, keeping you top of mind.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Create your own video ads and attach them to the video content your audience is watching.

Google Shopping


Bing Ads

Expanded Search Text Ads

Appear in the search results when consumers are hunting for businesses like yours on Bing, Yahoo and MSN.

Microsoft Audience Ads

Get seen on websites, articles and apps your audience are browsing, reading and using and be the first company they think of next time they need the services you offer.

Product Ads

Bing Product Ads include a custom image, promotional text and links to your product page, making it even easier to sell.

Native Advertising

Native paid advertising looks like the media in which it’s appearing. It’s the paid posts in social feeds and recommended (or sponsored) content in the middle or at the end of an article. Before online digital marketing, it was called an ‘advertorial’ — an advert made to look like editorial.

Offering your audience useful information could explain why native ads are viewed 52% more than display ads.

Interested in native advertising?

SEO and SEM — a happy couple

Turn a strong SEM campaign into a force to be reckoned with. Back it up with an SEO road map.

You can increase campaign success by:

  • knowing the keywords your business should be targeting
  • displaying user friendly, optimized pages after someone’s clicked your ad
  • delivering a great user experience, which lowers bounce rates.

Plus, with an optimized site you’ll keep pulling in free, organic traffic while your SEM campaigns are running. It’s win-win.

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Our approach to search engine marketing

Every digital agency does things a little differently. Work with me and here’s how I’ll create, manage and take care of your SEM campaigns.

  1. Research and planning

Your marketing budget is precious. Before spending a cent, I’ll research your audience and the keywords they use for your services. The result is a plan outlining the best paid advertising opportunities. You’ll be invited on a call to talk through the plan and outcomes forecast..

  1. Campaign building

Time to set-up your campaign. This is the technical bit where I put the right audience and business information into the ad channels, so your campaign targets your ideal consumer. The finishing touch is linking it up to analytics for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking.

  1. Going live and management

Time to release your campaign and watch it work. As soon as it’s live, I’ll manage the campaign spend and monitor those KPIs.

  1. Analyze and optimize

Your campaigns are never left to fend for themselves. I’ll analyze their performance week-by-week, fine tuning so we do more of what’s effective and dial back anything that doesn’t measure up.

Each month you’ll receive my report on how your campaigns are maturing. And before the campaign ends, I’ll be in touch to discuss final results and next steps.

Your paid campaign built, managed and evaluated from start to end.

The 3-month test — your money-safe guarantee

Spending more on search engine marketing than you’re getting back doesn’t float my boat. The goal with SEM is reaching your lead and sales targets, which can have a happy impact on  your bottom line.

After three months of running a campaign, if it’s not working, we’ll stop.

Doing “OK” and getting “a few extra leads” isn’t good enough. I set high, but realistic, targets.

Upfront results and jargon free reporting

In the past I’ve achieved great results like 28% traffic increase and a 12% increase in leads (from 186 to 211 leads for a 3 month period).

Providing clients with great work means I have nothing to hide. If the results aren’t rolling in, I’ll keep you in the loop.

You’ll receive regular reports (by phone or email) in plain-English, explaining your campaign’s performance. As its your marketing budget we’re spending, you will always be informed when:

  • there are changes in cost,
  • tweaks to the campaign and
  • your campaign achieves success milestones.

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