How to Get 1,000 More Website Visits

Keyword research services

When it’s easy for customers to find you, organic traffic increases


Keywords are a big deal. Search engines decide if you’re worthy of being returned as a result or not based on your site’s keywords.

How Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others do this is becoming more sophisticated and human-friendly.

Conquer search using our keyword research services which deliver the right keywords for your organization. These are the phrases and words your prospective customers type into search.

By creating a marketing plan that threads these carefully chosen words through your website and content, we’ll make it easier for customers to find you. This translates into more free organic traffic.

Using effective keywords is a sure-fire way to point your whole SEO and digital marketing strategies in the right direction.

Delivering the right keywords

Keywords aren’t plucked out of thin air. They aren’t words that “sound like a good idea” or “might work.”

Compass Digital Strategies base their keyword research services on tried and tested methods.

The keyword research journey involves:

  • Audience research
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Using Google search console and evaluating trends
  • Evaluating keyword difficulty using SEMrush tool.
  • Analysis and evidence backs-up every keyword suggestion I make. Confident these selected keywords will reach your prospective customers, I plot out your company’s keyword map.

Plotting a course with keyword mapping

Keyword mapping assigns specific keywords to website pages and content pieces. And it identifies any new pages or content we should create to improve your search rankings for those terms.

Once your keyword map is complete, I’ll send it over and invite you to join me on a consultation call. We’ll discuss:

  • Which keywords we’re going after and why
  • Next steps regarding fresh content creation to support your keyword services.

Your keywords will never be left to fend for themselves. As part of your research services I’ll continue to monitor the progress of your keywords. If there are opportunities for fine-tuning and greater optimization, I’ll report back to you with a plan of action and next steps.

Target keywords make a difference

One client celebrated a 358% increase in Google search visibility.

Another enjoyed a 145% increase in click-through rate from Google to their site.

Partner with a digital marketer who knows keyword research

Let’s find the specific keywords your prospective customers are using.

Let’s thread them through your site and content.

And let’s give your organic traffic and search rankings the boost they need.