How to Get 1,000 More Website Visits

Find the words your customers are using. Weave them into your marketing. Start attracting more of the right people to your business

You could spend hours doing keyword research yourself. Or you can keep that time for doing more of the businessy things you enjoy.

Annoyingly, keyword research isn’t a 20-minute job. If you’ve come to realize this, it’s time to get me on board. By partnering with a digital marketer who knows keyword research, your organic traffic and search rankings get the boost they need.

"I’m now crystal clear on the keywords my site pages should be targeting."

My copywriter, Rose Crompton.

As a bit of a control freak when it comes to handling all of the marketing things for my business, I thought I’d have a go at doing my own keyword research and creating a keyword map. After all, I’m a copywriter. I do SEO-things for my clients, so how tough can it be?

Turns out, it’s quite tough. DIY-ing keyword research and mapping is a long job for the uninitiated (and impatient) business owner, like me. I just wanted to get back to copywriting and creating good stuff for my clients. Not spending hours staring at data and numbers, and overthinking which keywords I should target and how I assign those to my existing site pages.

After the best part of three days (!!) trying to work it all out myself, I hired Barb to put me on the right path. She listened to what I was trying to achieve with my SEO and keywords, and the audiences I want to reach through organic SEO. She then handled all of the keyword research and created a clear, easy to understand keyword map.

The best bit (apart from her taking the time to talk me through it all) is that I’m now crystal clear on the keywords my site pages should be targeting. An unexpected bonus is that through Barb’s research I also have a direction for new content. Pages I should create to strengthen my chances of ranking for keywords that my audience is using.

Thanks Barb, for your excellent work and taking the time to explain it to a data-phobe like myself.

-Rose Crompton, Content Marketer & Copywriter

Ready to get started?

What is keyword research?

Keyword research finds the words your customers and prospective customers, type into search engines. When you optimize website pages by including these words and phrases, your business increases its chances of turning up in search results. 

When done properly, keyword research involves: 

  • audience research
  • industry competitor analysis
  • using Google Search Console and evaluating trends
  • assessing keyword difficulty. 

Analysis and evidence backs-up every keyword suggestion I make. Confident these selected keywords will reach your prospective customers, I plot out your company’s keyword map. This is the good stuff that makes sure each site page attracts more of the right people to your business.

Target keywords make a difference

One client celebrated a 358% increase in Google search visibility.

Another enjoyed a 145% increase in click-through rate from Google to their site.

It’s time you got some of that good stuff too…

Keyword package includes:

1. A complete list of keywords

The main target keywords your business should be chasing, plus keywords you may want to target in the future and use in blog posts.

2. Smart template

A fancy, made-for-you, auto-updating document that includes keywords, search volume, and difficulty. Plus it tracks which keyword is assigned to which site page.

3. Keyword volume

See which words your clients and soon-to-be customers are using the most when searching for products and services like yours.

4. Keyword difficulty

Optimize your site pages for popular keywords that aren’t dominated by other, unbeatable businesses. This is how we make your company a serious industry contender. 

5. Potential traffic calculator

This simple formula reveals how much fresh, organic traffic could be drawn to your site if you started ranking on page one for your keywords.