Schema Markup

Schema markup — The technical part of your SEO strategy

Add schema markup to your site and the search engines will love you a little more


Some SEO techniques are harder to put in place than others. Schema markup definitely falls into the tough, time-consuming, head-scratching category.

But add these fiddly bits of microdata to key parts of your site and you could experience a healthy boost in your SEO results.

What is schema markup?

Schema markup is a collaboration between Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex. The technical explanation: is an extensive shared library of HTML tags, code, and microdata. Search engines use schema code to understand what’s on your site.

These tags aren’t visible on the front end of your website. The code is added behind the web pages, so you only see them if you view the source code.

The more exciting way to think of schema is as a hidden, secret language that your site whispers to the search engines. And as part of your SEO service, I’ll make sure your site is fluent in that language.

By adding schema code to carefully chosen web pages on your site you increase your chances of ranking high in the search results.

Schema markup and increased click-through rates

Schema markup is a small part of your bigger SEO roadmap. But it plays a powerful role when factored into a well-developed plan. In short, it can have a pleasing impact on your SEO and rankings.

This is because search engines are people pleasers. They’re always making changes to get better at giving people the information they want. Schema markup helps with this.

When someone searches on Google or Bing, schema tags let the search engines read and categorize the content and data on that web page. Search can see whether it’s relevant to the person’s request. And if they make the connection between your content and the person’s request, they’re happier to return your website in the results.

This benefits your business. By being included in more search results and higher up the rankings, your organic search engine traffic can increase. With that, comes increased potential of making a sale.


Schema markup: it’s powerful. It can improve your search engine rankings. And it’s only used by about one in 330 websites.



Lots of websites don’t add schema markup code to their pages or SEO plan. That probably includes a good number of your competitors.

An extra SEO advantage over your competition

As an experienced SEO strategist, I can add schema code to your website. Through careful planning and understanding your business ambitions, I’ll give your pages the extra SEO boost they need.

Search engines will love them even more and it’s another way to nudge ahead of your competition in the rankings.


Get this service as part of your bigger SEO roadmap and ongoing SEO support.


Got questions about this and your SEO plan?

If you’d like to know more about schema markup and how it fits into your current SEO plan, let’s talk it through.