Is your site as good as it could be?

Find out. Get a full website audit

When you’ve poured time, energy, and company budget into your website, it has to pull its share of the weight. A site that’s well structured, fully optimized, and error-free delivers better visitor experiences. As a result, it’ll boost traffic, earn leads, convert those leads, and put some ka-ching back into your business.

Your full website audit shows what’s working, what’s not, and what could be remodeled.

When to get an audit

There’s no bad time to run an audit, but if your site has:

  • just launched
  • been redesigned
  • undergone a serious update
  • remained untouched for 18 months (or *gulp* longer)

then getting a site audit is smart. Things can break, be misdirected, display funny, or stop working completely. That’s the nature of the ever-changing landscape search and websites are built on.

And when you’ve got eleventy-million other business tasks vying for your attention, errors slip under your radar.

What’s in a Comprehensive Website Audit?

During your website audit, I’ll assess the strength and weaknesses of 10 key areas.

  1. Technical Issues
    This includes coding, CSS, script and loading time issues, and offers technical fixes.
  2. Homepage
    Are essential elements like clear messaging, contact info and a call to action all there?
  3. Accessibility
    Can search engines crawl and understand your non-text elements, such as videos and images?
  4. Navigation
    Does site navigation have a natural flow and is it consistent? I’ll also check for descriptive links and URLs.
  5. Search
    Visitors should be able to search on every page, so I’ll check for set up and usability.
  6. Links
    Are all links working and going to the right place? Are there any broken links?
  7. Layout
    Is layout friendly on the eye — uncluttered, minimum pop-ups, consistent? Vitally, is the layout responsive?
  8. Errors
    Checking site works in different browsers, provides a custom 404 Error page, and is secure (SSL certificate).
  9. Forms
    Confirming site forms collect visitor information correctly and securely.
  10. Content
    This checks the readability and usefulness of your content across the site.

Once complete, I’ll email your branded report. You’ll get a clear breakdown of how your site measures up in each of the 10 sections. An additional notes and support sheet will help jargon-bust the more technical bits.

I’ll also invite you to join me on a consultation call. We’ll discuss the findings within the audit, and what it could mean to your search engine rankings if you put them into action.

Ready for a site that’s search-friendly?

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