DIY SEO Optimize Google My Business in 7 easy steps

Optimize Google My Business in 7 easy steps

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GMB is FREE, just like this course. Make both work hard for your business

There are seven super simple steps for optimizing your GMB page.

Check each one off and you too could get 237% more website traffic.

Increase local search traffic 237%.

Looking for a digital marketing quick win? Then start by setting up a Google My Business (GMB) page.

GMB is a free service for businesses. Optimizing this page gives Google all the important information about your business and is a fast way to win brownie points with the world’s biggest search engine. And they love it!


Because as soon as Google returns you as a result, all the really helpful details and news about your company is right there for your customers to access. 

A well optimized GMB page is about being helpful. And there are seven steps to being super helpful.

In this free course you’ll learn:

  • Why Google Maps are so important
  • What images you can share on Google and how to find photo inspiration
  • How to write a helpful business description
  • A simple way to add tracking code so you can measure traffic from GMB to your site 
  • How GMB lets you promote products
  • Why reviews are so important (and how to encourage customers to leave reviews)
  • How often you should be posting.

And at the end you’ll get a checklist worksheet for tracking each optimization as you complete it.