Keyword Research Workshop

Dedicated time and support to get crystal clear on the target keywords for your website.

$35. All sales go to charity.

This quarter's charity is the Ukrainian American Community Center.

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April 14TH @ 03:30PM PST

Things We'll Cover

Keywords are a big deal. They help search engines find your site, so the search engines can help your clients find you. When you pick the right keywords — words used by your audience and are low competition — your chance of more free, organic website traffic increases. 

In this workshop, you’ll master keyword research and be a step closer to having a solid SEO plan. This course covers:

  • What a keyword is
  • Finding words used by your audience
  • Learning from your competitor’s keywords 
  • Choosing the right keywords.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a clear keyword document that you can use for your business.


  • Clarity on how to choose target keywords for your website.
  • Smart template
    A fancy, made-for-you, template that includes a place to put your keywords, search volume, and difficulty. Plus it tracks which keyword is assigned to which site page.
  • Potential traffic calculator that reveals how much fresh, organic traffic could be drawn to your site if you started ranking on page one for your keywords.
    On page optimization checklist... so you know what to do with those keywords!

How to Prepare

  1. Have a website you would like to optimize for search engines.
  2. Set up free trial of SE Ranking or Keywords Everywhere.
    • If you already have an SEO tool that pulls keyword volume, you can use that.
  3. Download this template .

Don't worry about doing these things now.

An email will be sent a couple days before the workshop with detailed prep information.

Compass Cares

100% of the sales go to the Ukrainian American Community Center (UACC).

Based in Minnesota; right next door to where I lived in high school.

UACC is supporting four military hospitals serving wounded soldiers and providing assistance to displaced and wounded civilians.

This workshop is a quarterly series where all sales are donated to charity. Each quarter a different topic to help you increase website traffic and leads or sales. Topics include SEO, content marketing or analytics.


Have more questions? Get in touch.

About the Organizer

Barb Davids

Barb Davids is an SEO consultant and owner of Compass Digital Strategies. Driven by data and analytics, she works hard to get business-changing results for her clients, such as 256% more website traffic and 22% more leads.

Kind Words

My copywriter, Rose Crompton.

"The best bit (apart from her taking the time to talk me through it all) is that I’m now crystal clear on the keywords my site pages should be targeting."

Rose Crompton

"I'm now clear on which keywords I need to be using on each page of my website and have an easy to follow task list to give my website the spring clean it's been craving."

Pip Christie

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