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About Compass Digital Strategies

Search will never stop being used. Websites aren’t going to vanish. And the landscape on which these two things are built is always changing.

To the best SEO companies, that’s exciting.

For a small-medium business owner battling to DIY their SEO, it sucks.

You’ve given up valuable hours and weekend time researching the best SEO practices. And the moment you learn something and feel confident about giving it a go, different, new, and contradictory information surfaces, throwing your whole plan overboard.

It’s downright overwhelming. Especially because you know what must be done to push your business forward.  It’s just, right now, your SEO ideas don’t seem to be getting you anywhere new. And that’s exhausting.

Understanding how crappy that feels is why I launched Compass Digital Strategies. It’s my job to deliver the SEO services that achieve your online marketing ambitions, giving you back your evening and weekend time.

Helping you reach the people who need to know about your business isn’t just a desire. It’s a {necessity}. I get how crucial it is your bottom line and expanding your business.

Hi. I'm Barb Davids

Founder of Compass Digital Strategies since 2018, and digital marketing strategist for nearly 20 years.

From my Las Vegas location, I’ve analyzed, optimized, tested and tinkered with SEO for large corporations and small-medium businesses.

Being fascinated by what I do means I’ve helped clients achieve:

  • Increases of organic traffic by 256%
  • Converting 22% more leads
  • Increases of keyword visibility by 39%
  • 66% more revenue through email marketing
  • 51% sales increase from Google organic search.

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Be confident we’re a good fit.

Competition is healthy

When you’re a small-medium company, your competitors often double up as your community. You rely on, and learn from, each other. Healthy competition isn’t about turning into a malicious mongoose and destroying every other business. But I do believe in making sure your company remains competitive. I’ll find gaps we can capitalize on so you get ahead of similar service providers.

Clear and consistent communication

I’m not fluent in jargon and I don’t believe in over-complicating SEO. Giving you clear, concise information so you can understand the progress your business is making and how we got there, is my responsibility.

Strategy leads to success

SEO and digital marketing have lots of moving parts. Attempting them without a plan is like herding cats. Really difficult. It’s my job to answer challenges by getting a strategy in place for your email, PPC and SEO campaigns, so your digital marketing spend delivers results.

Online marketing for every business

Online success isn’t reserved for big organizations chucking ridiculous sums of money at digital marketing agencies. My approach opens up these services for small-medium businesses. I package what you need in a way that maximizes results. You can discover more about my SEO services here.

How I Work

Step 1 Get In Touch

Let me know you’re keen to get on board. Contact me here or call 702-720-6913 and we’ll schedule your in-depth meeting, where I get to know your business and objectives.

Step 2 Plan & Analyze

Before touching a keyword or link on your site, I’ll carry out competitor analysis, and look at your existing SEO and digital marketing structure. From here I’ll create your strategy and present timelines.

Step 3 Time to Implement

With the strategy confirmed I’ll get to work, carrying out the required changes that improve your SEO and digital marketing.

Step 4 Optimize & Fine Tuning

Once underway, I’ll continually monitor, test, and fine-tune your campaigns so they achieve your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Step 5 Reports & Progress

I’ll create and provide you with the necessary reports as your campaigns mature, so you can track the KPIs and monitor the progress your business is making.

Realize your digital marketing ambitions.
Your digital marketing goals are within reach.