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Hey, I’m Barb your fluff-free, clear-talking SEO consultant.

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My specialty is creating the SEO and digital marketing resources small business owners like you are screaming for.

And my guides, short (and affordable) courses, and email newsletters won’t bog you down with unnecessary detail. They’ll simply make it easy to get on with DIYing your SEO and propelling your business forward.

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DOWNLOAD: Five free tactics to being found online

Use these five tactics in your online marketing TODAY and be one step closer to smashing your SEO and digital marketing goals.

What’s in the guide?

  • Keyword research – how to do it right
  • Current rankings – where your site is ranking now, and how to improve its position
  • Content marketing – how to attract, engage and convert your ideal audience
  • On-page SEO – 12 optimizations you should do on every page on your site
  • Local search – ways to improve your visibility and attract local clients



I’m lucky enough to be working with some great business owners. Their enthusiasm and determination to succeed means we enjoy constructive, collaborative working relationships.

McKenzi's headshot for organic seo consultant testimonial.

McKenzi Taylor
Cactus Collective Weddings

"Before working with Compass Digital Strategies we weren’t ranking anywhere on the web. We’re now ranking well in numerous keywords, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Barb’s continued testing and research."

My copywriter, Rose Crompton.

Rose Crompton
Content Marketer & Copywriter

"I hired Barb to put me on the right path with keyword mapping. She handled all the keyword research and created a clear, easy to understand keyword map. I’m now crystal clear on the keywords my site pages should be targeting."


Peter Frigeri
Gaia Flowers

"One of the things I like about working with Barb is her responsiveness. She always goes the extra mile for me, and knows how to modulate the information coming in at me in a way I can understand."

Melanie Burns
Marketing and Communications Professional

"What I liked best about working with Barb was her thoughtful questions and creative solutions and the whole experience was fun and a great learning opportunity for me!"

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