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Choosing the best content calendar for your business

Find out what a content calendar is, the different types you can use, and which will be most banging for keeping track of your business content.

Search intent and how it affects your marketing

Search intent is the reason someone types a query into a search engine. Here’s how it can (and should) affect your marketing strategy.

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Seven examples of useful SEO goals

How to set realistic SEO goals that you’ll feel good about. 🎉 PLUS, seven examples of great SEO goals. AND target-hitting tips.


What is E-A-T? (And 9 ways to show Google your site has it)

Your quick guide to E-A-T – why you need it, and how to show Google your site has it. Learn how to appear more often in search queries and get more traffic.

How to update content so Google pays attention

Update your content so Google takes notice again, and enjoy more traffic than a candy store at Halloween. Learn six quick fixes, and what not to change.

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Blog Brief Template

Fill out the form below to get access to the blog brief template.

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How to use a content audit to make your website better

What is a content audit, how often should you do one, and why will it make your site better? Here’s a quick guide for busy small business owners.

ClickUp Templates

Searching for ClickUp templates? I went on a search for all of them. Here’s a list of the best free and paid templates you can download today.

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What does Google Search Console do? A beginner’s guide

Learn about Google Search Console and the most useful GSC metrics. Find out how they fit into your SEO strategy and boost your site’s search performance.

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Does blogging help with SEO?

Facts, figures, and SEO practices that prove once and for all that blogging does help with SEO   Optimizing the core pages of your website (Home, About, product pages, etc.) is vital. It ensures your company shows up in searches. But applying good search engine optimization (SEO) practices should extend to every page you create for…