How to Get 1,000 More Website Visits

A clear approach to SEO services

Helpful SEO support that brings clear value to your small-medium business

Search engines are built for consumers. They are quick and simple to use, which explains how 3.5 billion searches can be conducted each day.

And search is relied on a lot. We expect it to find nearby restaurants; connect us with that professional photographer, caterer, florist we need; answer questions (or settle debates), and even teach us new skills.

With consumers placing so much trust in returned results delivering what they need, making sure your brand and the services you offer are visible, is important.

Earning a spot in those results takes time, dedication, and know-how.


Using the right SEO strategies for your business

The SEO landscape is always changing. Compass Digital Strategies navigates changes to search engine algorithms, keywords, schema markup, and backlinks by partnering with (and being an affiliate of) SEMrush.

Making sure your business expands the way you need it to and can clearly see the value it delivers, is my responsibility. Using SEO techniques that are relevant to search in today's landscape, I’ll implement the right SEO strategies that answer the traffic, lead generation, and bottom-line challenges you want to overcome.

5 steps to lifting your SEO strategy

Achieving great SEO results begins with planning and strategy. Here’s how I create your search engine optimization road map and put it into effect.

1 Let's Talk & Site Audit

The starting point is a meeting, so I can get to know your business, SEO goals, and who your ideal audience is. This, coupled with the detailed SEO audit I’ll carry out on your existing site, are the foundations for your strategy.

2 Competitor Analysis

I want you to get ahead of your competitors and show up where it matters. By analyzing what keywords and SEO strategies your competitors are using, I’ll find the gaps we can really capitalize on. I’ll create an action plan, detailing the SEO services that’ll work best, why they’ll work, how I’ll implement them, and expected timelines.

3 Time to Implement

With clear direction and end goals set, (depending on your service level) I’ll carry out on-page optimization or make recommendations. Changes are tracked and tagged accordingly in your analytics reporting tool, so they can be monitored, checking for progress and performance.

4 Optimizing & Fine Tuning

Once all major changes are in place, it’s then a case of fine-tuning — so doing more of what’s proving to be effective, and dialing back anything that doesn’t measure up.

5 Reporting & Progress

It’s important to me that you see the value in my work and understand my decisions. I create monthly reports containing clear and concise information detailing how your campaigns are performing. You can track key performance indicators and see the progress your SEO services are making.

Choosing your SEO services should be SEO simple

There are people out there ready to hear about your business. Let’s not keep them waiting.