How to Get 1,000 More Website Visits

[Case Study] Wedding Photography SEO

About the client

McKenzi Taylor runs Cactus Collective Weddings, a Las Vegas wedding planning and photography business. As intimate elopement specialists, the company organizes wedding services in stunning Las Vegas desert locations. 

She’s made stress-free wedding planning an art-form with her curated wedding day packages that help thousands of couples from across America and around the world plan their perfect destination wedding. 

The challenge

Improving online visibility to increase website traffic and get more leads.


It’s often the non-digital marketing, networking, and actual doing of the work that gets a new business up and running. This was true for Cactus Collective Weddings, too. 

When launched in 2016, McKenzi spent her time working on essential business processes and client and vendor management. These relationships are vital but meant there was very little time left for McKenzi to work on building an online presence.

To expand and grow the business McKenzi knew she had to invest in digital marketing. The existing website had to attract more traffic and generate useful leads.  

The business needed an experienced SEO strategist to steer the site in the right direction and work on improved site visibility which could lead to increased traffic and leads.

The solution

A consultation call was set up so I could speak with McKenzi and understand her digital marketing and SEO ambitions. I then ran a full website audit to identify SEO opportunities. 

Having a complete picture of the site’s existing strengths and weaknesses meant I could develop an SEO roadmap so the Cactus Collective Weddings website could be more competitive in wedding photography searches. 

I started with on page optimizations including:

  • Internal linking
  • Page hierarchy
  • Keyword research
  • Regularly scheduled targeted blog content.

The combination of these SEO techniques led to her showing up in search and getting in front of the right audience looking for the services offered by Cactus Collective Weddings. 

The results

Improving online visibility to increase website traffic and get more leads.

Get some of the same

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