Five effective SEO tips for small business that are totally worth your time

Having an online space dedicated to your business and the great things you do is an exciting journey. Sharing that information with people searching for businesses like yours and having them engage with you is even more addictive.  Unfortunately, reaching that point in your online marketing journey can feel like hiking up a mountain and … Read more

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Closeup business woman hands using laptop with cup coffee.

Having a business presence online means getting stuck into content marketing. It’s a part of online marketing that affects your bottom line and your ideal client. In my experience of working with single-owner businesses, the biggest problem they face is managing all the moving parts involved in a solid approach to content marketing.  With blogs … Read more

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A quick guide for small and medium businesses looking for competitor keywords  At the heart of a solid SEO strategy are your keywords. These are the words and phrases your ideal customer punches into Google to find your business, products, and services. But there are two problems with this. 1) Other businesses doing a similar … Read more

Person at laptop searching for diy seo tools.

Having an endless number of SEO tools to play with is an occupational hazard of being an SEO strategist. There are always new tools being released into the wild, promising to be faster, more accurate and offer greater insight into the minds of the Google Gods. And it makes sense that DIY SEO tools are … Read more

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Five things you need to know for your business to show up in local search.

As a local business operating in a specific geographic area, you need to turn up in local search results. By getting your company in front of customers who are nearby and actively searching for the thing you do, you increase your chance of making sales. But if you’re scratching your head wondering how you can start showing up in local search, you’re in the right place.

91 Photography Blog Ideas

Get photography blog ideas that will help drive traffic to your photography business website, engage your audience, and keep search engines happy.

Use this code to track your marketing

As a small business owner, you don’t have a huge amount of time each week to work on your marketing. And with a huge number of channels wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily work out where your time and energy are best spent? Well, you’re in luck. There is. All with the help of a simple bit of code.

From the Bookshelf: Hype Yourself

Book review of the no-nonsense PR toolkit for small businesses, written by Lucy Werner Bigging myself up isn’t something that comes naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating my wins but blowing my own trumpet to deliberately attract attention is tough. So when I was in the Being Freelance community and heard about a … Read more

See the difference between bad copy and epic copy header image.

My copywriter brings life to websites. Her name is Rose Crompton. She’s one of the people who leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world after a conversation. And I like those kind of folks in my circle. I found Rose when I was searching for a copywriter for myself and for … Read more