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  • Weekly episode with helpful and direct tips and information around SEO and content marketing for small businesses.

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 Hello and welcome to the small business sweet spot. I’m your host, Barb Davids, and this show is dedicated to helping small business owners like you get more organic website traffic and also to help create and distribute content and analyzing the numbers so that we can make better informed marketing decisions.

It is action oriented, direct and conversational. And if you’ve been looking for SEO or content marketing help, please stick around to the very end where I share about the group coaching program, small business sweet spot. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s go. Why does this podcast exist? This podcast exists because when I was working in digital marketing and running the departments in corporate, I had a hard time getting answers from other people that I had hired companies, SEO companies, social companies, and it was very difficult for me to get answers from them.

Like the reports were pretty vague. What they had worked on was vague. It was just like pulling teeth. Like, why can’t you just share the information? with me. It’s not that I’m going to do it on my own. That’s why I hired out and trying to find answers on Google was just as frustrating. A lot of the times back then there wasn’t as much information.

Now there’s a ton of information. However, you don’t know what works for your small business, what doesn’t work, what should you spend time on. Sometimes the information out there is extremely detailed, extremely like over the top. You don’t need to know it. The whole stupid background of everything that’s happening.

You just need to know how to do this one thing and That frustrates the crap out of me. So this podcast exists to give you information Very directly very succinctly. I don’t know how to do fluff. So you’re not going to get a lot of that here There is going to be a weekly episode And it’s going to be mostly around SEO and content marketing.

And then twice a month, we’ll, I’ll release bonus episodes around creating your business. So things like mindset, maybe other channels like Pinterest or socials, um, even yoga, um, time management, things of that nature. Anything that, things that I like around my business and my personal mindset that I would like to share with others as well.

So that’ll be twice a month. And this podcast is actually. Audio and video and each episode will come with a supporting web page with the full transcript and any visuals That are referenced. It’s very difficult obviously with an audio podcast and talking about seo and content marketing sometimes with examples and having those visuals are Obviously very helpful.

So having that extra web page with that information, you can always find that the episode links in general will vary, but I’m aiming to keep them at less than 30 minutes, probably around 20 with as fast as I talk and how direct I am, it’s probably going to be likes. Six, who knows? I’m always open to new topics to cover.

So if there’s anything that you would like to see on this podcast, either in the video or audio form, please do let me know. You can always visit compassdigitalstrategies. com and find me in your favorite platform and with that, that ends our first episode and I hope you enjoy all of the episodes to come.

Cheers. Thank you for sticking around. I hope you enjoyed the episode. If you’re looking for SEO and content marketing help, consider joining the Small Business Sweet Spot. It’s a group coaching program where you can get answers to your questions about your business directly and clarity around the marketing strategies that you would like to implement in your business.

You can find all kinds of information at And if you like the episode, please tell a friend. Cheers.

Barb Davids - SEO Consultant

Barb Davids is an SEO consultant and owner of Compass Digital Strategies. Driven by data and analytics, she works hard to get business-changing results for her clients, such as 256% more website traffic and 22% more leads. Connect with her: Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter
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