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Find competitor keywords to boost your traffic and discover new opportunities

A quick guide for small and medium businesses looking for competitor keywords  At the heart of a solid SEO strategy are your keywords. These are the words and phrases your ideal customer punches into Google to find your business, products, and services. But there are two problems with this. 1) Other businesses doing a similar…

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An Introduction to Keyword Mapping [Template Included]

I was chatting recently with a fellow small business owner, and this SEO question popped up: “Why can’t I have all the keywords I want to rank for go to my homepage?” It’s a fair question. You want people to land on your website and start on the homepage, so why wouldn’t you put all…

Complete your keyword research for SEO in 9 steps

Complete your keyword research for SEO in 9 steps

Tackling search engine optimization (SEO) for your small business? Then you must get your keyword data right. Think of keywords as your foundation SEO building blocks. Do a good job of laying these blocks and search engines will find and rank your site. And that’s an important step in making sure your audience knows you…