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14 examples of strong lead magnets for small businesses

What is a lead magnet? Find out here, and get 14 examples of lead magnets that work great for small businesses, as well as shortcuts to help you create your own.

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The practical guide to SEO strategy for small business owners

Want to grow your business using organic SEO methods? Here’s the strategy you need to use.

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Don’t rely on AI to write your business copy

Some people claim that using AI tools such as ChatGPT to generate copy can save small businesses time and money. But I’m calling bullshit on that.

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Unmask your true SEO competitors

How to find the businesses competing with you in the rankings.

Search intent and how it affects your marketing

Search intent is the reason someone types a query into a search engine. Here’s how it can (and should) affect your marketing strategy.

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Seven examples of useful SEO goals

How to set realistic SEO goals that you’ll feel good about. 🎉 PLUS, seven examples of great SEO goals. AND target-hitting tips.

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Does blogging help with SEO?

Facts, figures, and SEO practices that prove once and for all that blogging does help with SEO   Optimizing the core pages of your website (Home, About, product pages, etc.) is vital. It ensures your company shows up in searches. But applying good search engine optimization (SEO) practices should extend to every page you create for…

Measuring the Value of SEO

Measuring the Value of SEO

A lot of business owners avoid getting stuck into search engine optimization (SEO). A fear of technical jargon and time wasted are the usual reasons companies kick it to the curb. Plus, SEO isn’t exactly the sexiest way to market and grow a brand.  As an SEO strategist, this is a tough truth. But I…

Make sure your choose the right digital marketing agency for your business. Here’s what you need to do and what your potential agency should be doing for you.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Decisions you should make before hiring. And qualities your digital marketing agency should have. There simply aren’t enough hours in your day to fulfill all of your business’ digital marketing needs. Learning and implementing strategies such as SEO, email marketing and paid advertising, takes time you don’t have. And this is why 23% of small…