Content Marketing

Don’t rely on AI to write your business copy

Some people claim that using AI tools such as ChatGPT to generate copy can save small businesses time and money. But I’m calling bullshit on that.


Go to guide for how to distribute your content

Make the most of your business content by getting it in front of more people using content distribution. Here’s how and where to share it.

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Choosing the best content calendar for your business

Find out what a content calendar is, the different types you can use, and which will be most banging for keeping track of your business content.

Search intent and how it affects your marketing

Search intent is the reason someone types a query into a search engine. Here’s how it can (and should) affect your marketing strategy.


How to update content so Google pays attention

Update your content so Google takes notice again, and enjoy more traffic than a candy store at Halloween. Learn six quick fixes, and what not to change.

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How to use a content audit to make your website better

What is a content audit, how often should you do one, and why will it make your site better? Here’s a quick guide for busy small business owners.

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Does blogging help with SEO?

Facts, figures, and SEO practices that prove once and for all that blogging does help with SEO   Optimizing the core pages of your website (Home, About, product pages, etc.) is vital. It ensures your company shows up in searches. But applying good search engine optimization (SEO) practices should extend to every page you create for…

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The really big guide to content marketing strategy (and checklist for download)

Having a business presence online means getting stuck into content marketing. It’s a part of online marketing that affects your bottom line and your ideal client. In my experience of working with single-owner businesses, the biggest problem they face is managing all the moving parts involved in a solid approach to content marketing.  With blogs…

91 Photography Blog Ideas

97 engaging, Google-friendly photography blog ideas

Get photography blog ideas that will help drive traffic to your photography business website, engage your audience, and keep search engines happy.

See the difference between bad copy and epic copy header image.

See the Difference Between Bad Copy & Good — Nay, Epic Copy

My copywriter brings life to websites. Her name is Rose Crompton. She’s one of the people who leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world after a conversation. And I like those kind of folks in my circle. I found Rose when I was searching for a copywriter for myself and for…