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Is Your Website Ready for SEO?

Before diving into any SEO efforts, it is crucial to assess whether your website is truly ready. Get the checklist.

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The practical guide to SEO strategy for small business owners

Want to grow your business using organic SEO methods? Here’s the strategy you need to use.

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10 actions you can take to keep your SEO intact during a site redesign

10 must-do actions to avoid a big SEO drop and optimization damage during a website redesign.

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What does Google Search Console do? A beginner’s guide

Learn about Google Search Console and the most useful GSC metrics. Find out how they fit into your SEO strategy and boost your site’s search performance.

Five effective SEO tips for small business that are totally worth your time

Five effective SEO tips for small business that are totally worth your time

Having an online space dedicated to your business and the great things you do is an exciting journey. Sharing that information with people searching for businesses like yours and having them engage with you is even more addictive.  Unfortunately, reaching that point in your online marketing journey can feel like hiking up a mountain and…

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On Page SEO Checklist

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Track your digital marketing progress with the right DIY SEO tools

Having an endless number of SEO tools to play with is an occupational hazard of being an SEO strategist. There are always new tools being released into the wild, promising to be faster, more accurate and offer greater insight into the minds of the Google Gods. And it makes sense that DIY SEO tools are…

Bare Minimum SEO For Beginners

Part Two: Bare minimum SEO for beginners

How to set up your SEO plan with the minimum amount of work Running a business with a digital presence means sooner or later you’ll have a conversation about your website and SEO. It may happen in a Facebook group with like-minded business owners. Or it could be at the monthly industry networking get-together when…

Getting Away With the Bare Minimum SEO

Part One: Getting away with bare minimum SEO

Dedicate a little time each month to these 5 SEO actions, and get back to what you enjoy most. This post contains affiliate links and is part one of a two-part article. Ironic that discussing bare minimum SEO will take two whole posts, but if we’re gonna be cheeky and shave a few edges of…