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Is SEO Worth It? (EP14)

Is spending your time and energy and monetary resources worth investing into your SEO? You can find out by grabbing a few numbers.


Full guide on measuring the value of SEO.

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Hello, and welcome to the small business sweet spot. I’m your host Barb Davids, and this show is dedicated to helping small business owners like you get more organic website traffic and also to help create and distribute content and analyzing the numbers so that we can make better informed marketing decisions. It is action oriented, direct, and conversational. And if you’ve been looking for SEO or content marketing help, please stick around to the very end where I share about the group coaching program, small business sweet spot. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s go.

Today, I’m talking about a topic that many of us shy away from. Measuring the return on our SEO.  Is doing SEO really worth. Our time and energy.  It’s often seen as very confusing with all of its technical mumbo jumbo, and not quite as glamorous as putting together, say a flashy social media ad, or as fun as pinning to Pinterest.

 But here’s the thing. SEO is a powerful tool for long-term compounding growth.   And I’m going to share with you how you can literally tell if it’s working or not.  As a side note, any references to tools or formulas mentioned in this episode, you’ll find in the show notes.

 And as a reminder, if you are struggling with trying to figure this all out on your own, check out how my small business sweet spot could help you again, link in the show notes. All right, let’s move on.

 Let’s start by gathering the information you need. First up keyword search volume keywords are searches that people are plugging into Google tools like AHrefs, SEMrush. And my favorite keywords everywhere can help you find the total search volume for those searches.

 Next let’s talk about conversion rates and average order values. Both crucial metrics that you can track using Google analytics. Remember a conversion isn’t just a sale. It could be any end goal action, like filling out a form or downloading a guide.

 With this information, you can apply one of two formulas depending on whether your goal relates to leads, which is considered a non-monetary action or sales, which of course is a monetary action.

For leads, multiply your total search volume by 69%, which is an estimated percentage of clicks. If you’re in the top three positions on search results. And then take that number and multiply it by your conversion rate.

 Your conversion rate can be found in Google analytics. It is the number of people who take your desired action, like filling out the form. And then dividing that number by the number of website visits.

 For sales, do the same as leads and then multiply the end number by your average order value.

 Average order value is probably found in your point of sale system or in Google analytics.

 These formulas, give you a minimum estimated return from SEO in terms of leads and sales. And like any marketing effort. The results depend on the time and energy you invest. The more attention and care you give to your SEO strategies, the more significant returns you’re likely to see.

 The key takeaway from this episode is that SEO.

Isn’t just about getting to the top of search results. It’s about attracting the right people who are most likely to engage with your brand and then convert.

 And knowing if your SEO is working for you, is as simple as multiplying a few numbers together.

 Stay tuned for more episodes on making your business thrive online. See you in the next sweet spot. Cheers.

Thank you for sticking around. I hope you enjoyed the episode. If you’re looking for SEO and content marketing help, consider joining the small business sweet spot. It’s a group coaching program where you can get answers to your questions about your business directly and clarity around the marketing strategies that you would like to implement in your business.

You can find all kinds of information at compassdigitalstrategies. com. And if you liked the episode, please tell a friend. Cheers.

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