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Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts (EP9)

Not getting enough traffic to your blog posts? Then this episode is for you. There are specific things you can do to each blog post you publish to help it get more website traffic.

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SEO Framework – the Execution (EP8)

With the audit and planning done, it’s time to become a member of the get-shit-done club. Tune in to for details on this final part of an SEO framework.

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Breaking Through the Noise (Bonus EP2)

Niching down means focusing on specific services and ideal clients, enhancing clarity and passion while attracting the right customers.

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SEO Framework – the Strategy (EP7)

Using the findings from the audit, we’ll piece together a content strategy that will deliver results while still fitting with the available business resources.

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SEO Framework – the Audit (EP6)

Part 1 of an SEO Framework is the audit. It’s much more than just a technical review.

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Practical Guide to SEO Strategy (EP5)

Want to grow your business using organic SEO methods? Here’s the strategy you need to use.

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Intro Episode (EP1)

In this episode, I share why I started the podcast, what you can expect to hear and maybe more importantly, how long they will be.

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Choosing a Content Calendar (EP2)

Find out what a content calendar is, the different types you can use, and which will be most banging for keeping track of your business content.

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How Long Does Marketing Take? (EP4)

Know what marketing tasks to prioritize, and manage your valuable time better. Find out how long it takes to research keywords, plan content, and write a blog.

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Amplify Your Marketing Reach (EP3)

Amplify your marketing reach through content distribution.