How to Get 1,000 More Website Visits

97 engaging, Google-friendly photography blog ideas

A big list of inspiring blog topics that will attract your ideal audience and satisfy search engines

Blogging becomes a chore when you publish content that’s got no clear direction and no clear target audience.

Blogging becomes an effective part of a content marketing plan when the topics interest a targeted audience and therefore generate traffic.


Finding photography blog ideas that check both of these boxes involves listening to what your potential clients are typing into search, and understanding which words and phrases you can rank for.

If you keep hitting a wall when it comes to finding photography blog ideas, I’m here to help.

As a part-time professional fitness photographer and an SEO strategist I’ve pulled together a stack of blog topic ideas you can write about.

Each one should attract more traffic to your site and engage your audience so they get to know, like, and trust you. 

How this list works

Your photography style will influence what you write about. With that in mind, I’ve divided this list into different photography disciplines with the exception of the first section.

Section one includes general blog ideas for photographers.

They suit any professional from any background.

Beyond that, use the dropdown menu to find your specialism and dig into the photography blog ideas specific for your business.

Or, if you’ve got a little more time on your hands, have a poke around the ideas I’ve put together for your industry colleagues.

With a little creativity you can change the angle of the topic to suit your content needs.

Blog topics for all photographers

  • Answering FAQs
    You may already have an FAQ page on your site or briefly answer commonly asked questions on service pages or emails. Use your blog to give deeper, more thorough answers to these questions which helps reduce friction to purchase.
  • Favorite local tourist spots and events
    If you market your photographer services based on your location then writing about nearby tourist spots and events helps build local organic search. It may even earn you some backlinks.
  • Favorite gear
    People are nosey. It’s why behind the scenes content does so well. Rather than simply revealing what’s in your photography kit bag, take it a step further. Share why it's your favorite gear. Explaining how your kit gets the results clients can see in your work shows them that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Favorite editing tools and software
    Once you’ve taken the photos, how do you make them look slick? As with the idea in number three, share a little insight into your editing process and mention the tools or software you use. Again, rather than listing them out, get specific when discussing how these tools add to the quality of your photos.
  • Your workspace, indoor or out
    Give a virtual tour of your workspace or, as you’re a photographer, build up a gallery of your work locations. This is a great way to share more about yourself and is a piece of content that links nicely to or from your about page.
  • Round ups of your fave shoots
    Regularly posting shoots is a good idea, but it can become repetitive if you’re a really busy photographer who’s out on shoots daily or weekly. Round up blog posts expand your portfolio in one hit and removes the pain of having to say "This was a great shoot!" for the hundredth time. Plan them monthly, quarterly, or once a year. For you, the joy will be getting to look back over past projects and remind yourself of the great work you’ve done.
  • Favorite secret locations
    Every photographer has a favorite place to shoot. Maybe it’s a secret place you don’t like sharing too often, which makes it all the more brilliant to write about. Blogging about your most-loved secret locations shows that you take the time to find unique, out of the way places. To a client, it shows you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. Is the thought of revealing your secret favorite locations giving you heart palpitations? OK, the compromise is giving it a nickname and speaking generally about the area.
  • Benefits of professional prints
    Customers have a huge number of printing options available to them. Unless they come from a photography background they may not understand why some printing outlets are better than others. Or  why as, professional photographers, we recommend getting them printed by a pro rather than heading to their nearest Walgreens. Help your customers understand with a blog about digital, professional printing versus low-cost, lower quality options.


Blog ideas for wedding photographers

  • When to send invitations and images to use
  • Timeline to wedding and when to book vendors (like photographers)
  • Finding the perfect print size for albums and wall displays
  • What to do if your wedding shoot is interrupted by bad weather
  • Must-have wedding day photos


Blog ideas for portrait photographers

  • Favorite props you have or ask clients to bring
  • Dressing for the weather for outdoor shoots
  • Clothing color tips and changes of outfit
  • Hair and make-up tips
  • How a client should prepare for their shoot


Blog ideas for landscape photographers

  • Print sizing and making the most of landscape photos when hanging
  • The best products to hang and display landscape shots (ie, frames, canvases)
  • Arrangement and layout ideas for photo wall arrangements
  • How to pick a frame - width, depth, color
  • What to print it on - regular, metallic, canvas


Blog ideas for family portrait photographers

  • Clothing color tips and coordinating outfits for the best shot
  • Poses and positioning ideas
  • How to prepare (yourself and young children) for portrait photos
  • Getting the right size prints for different display styles
  • Photo wall arrangement ideas


Blog ideas for newborn and baby photographers

  • Favorite props you use or ask parents to bring
  • The ideal age for newborn and baby photos
  • The difference between newborn, fresh 48, and lifestyle sessions offered
  • How to include siblings
  • Tips for preparing your newborn or baby for a photoshoot


Blog ideas for maternity photographers

  • Favorite props you use or ask mums-to-be and couples to bring
  • Clothing tips and outfit change advice
  • The best trimester to come for a maternity shoot
  • Hair and make-up tips
  • Preparing for your session and pregnant-friendly poses you can try


Blog ideas for nature and outdoor photographers

  • Print sizing for full wall and smaller displays
  • Tips and ideas on how to best display outdoor and nature photos
  • Your ‘secret’ to getting amazing wildlife photos and photographing animals
  • How to choose the perfect frame - width, depth, color
  • What to print nature and outdoor images on - regular, metallic, canvas, etc


Blog ideas for sport photographers

  • The benefits of professional photos for marketing
  • The pros and cons of offering free versus paid photos to event participants
  • Photo and memorabilia gift ideas
  • The different types of sports photography
  • A column debate piece on the case against stock photos


Blog ideas for health and fitness photographers

  • Favorite health and fitness props you supply or ask clients to bring
  • Sports and activewear clothing tips
  • Hair and make-up tips (or how to get the sweat-effect)
  • How clients should prepare for their photo session
  • The secrets for making sure muscles show up in photos


Blog ideas for headshot and professional event photographers

  • Trade show photography tips, like this one for inspiration
  • The importance of keeping your headshot up to date
  • What to wear and clothing or colors to avoid
  • Hair and make-up tips
  • Backdrop and location ideas

Blog ideas for commercial, product, and branding photographers

  • The benefits of having professional photos for marketing purposes
  • What is agile imagery and how it saves you money
  • The do's and don'ts of how to present your product or service
  • Case studies explaining how your photographs have helped a business
  • How product or service photos increase organic traffic


Blog ideas for food and drink photographers

  • The secrets of photographing food so it looks delicious
  • The importance of white space and examples of how it’s used for advertising copy or logos
  • The benefits to hiring food photographer versus Insta photos on your phone
  • Reviews of lesser known restaurants
  • Your favorite food magazines and why you love their food and drink photography


Blog ideas for live event and concert photographers

  • Why hire a professional photographer
  • The longevity of event photos for marketing materials
  • The pros and cons of onsite printing
  • How much does an event or concert photographer cost?
  • Mobile phone outtakes - bad event and concert photos you take and never look at again


Blog ideas for editorial photographers

  • What preparation and ground work you do before shooting day
  • The tricks to capturing and telling a story in one image
  • Editorial photography trends you’ve noticed


Blog ideas for real estate photographers

  • Home staging tips so the property looks its best
  • The pros and cons of photographing property at different times of day
  • The benefits of a virtual tour
  • [City] Zillow certified photographer - what this means and why it’s important to clients
  • Anything around local news stories, activities, or events


Blog ideas for high school senior photographers

  • How clients should prepare for their session
  • Formal wear clothing tips and how it may show up on film
  • Hair and make-up tips
  • Taking group photos - the pros and cons of being photographed with friends or family
  • Alternative presentation and gift ideas for sharing photos with family, such as printing on a phone case, sustainable mug, or keyrings


Blog ideas for boudoir photographers

  • Private and closed-set location ideas
  • Clothing and lingerie inspiration
  • What hair and makeup styles best suit boudoir and pin up shoots
  • How to prepare for your session and what to expect on the day
  • Why boudoir shoots are for all genders

Blog ideas for pet photographers

  • How clients should prepare for their shoot (this could include their pet, themselves, their family, and their home)
  • Your pet whispering skills - how you get great results for your clients
  • All the ways clients can use their pet photos after the shoot
  • Your favorite pet content (other blogs, podcasts, social accounts, etc.)
  • Interview a vet to get some top pet care tips

Working your ideas into posts and making the most of them

A list of strong blog ideas is just the tip of the blog creation iceberg.

It’s only when you dive below the surface that you realize how long blogging really takes.

Blogging is an area of content marketing that many small business owners struggle with. (Myself included.) Understanding

  • how to structure a post,
  • where it fits with your larger content marketing plan,
  • and the returns you can expect to get from a post

will make the process of blog post creation much smoother.

And, guess what? I’ve got the resources you need to shape your ideas into slick, entertaining posts that support your marketing goals.