A content marketing strategy you can work with

A highly personalized, done-for-you content marketing framework for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Craving more sales and leads through your website? Then take your grand plan for a powerful content marketing strategy off the backburner and start serving it up.

The Compass Digital Strategies Content Marketing Strategy Service delivers a solid framework that takes the mystery out of:

what type of content you should post

where you should be sharing your content

when you should be posting it.

PLUS how often you should recycle your content.

Everything in this service is guided by SEO best practices and Google-driven data. (And it’s hard to argue with their numbers and suggestions when it comes to what’s working and what ain’t.)

Get an entire content marketing strategy set up and running within your business in just two weeks.
All for one flat fee.

Whether it’s lack of time or energy holding you back, this service has you covered

Effective content marketing strategies have a lot of moving parts. Pulling in more leads—and therefore sales—means:

  • satisfying what search engines (like Google) want from content
  • planning out posting frequency and distribution so it gets in front of as many of the right people as possible
  • understanding what the audience is searching for and then delivering that information in a medium that catches their attention. 

Wrangling all of these details and combining them in a slick strategy that pulls in real results isn’t a one-hour job. And as a small business owner or entrepreneur, your talents lie in seizing profitable opportunities and going after big ideas. But ignoring content marketing isn’t an option.

The undeniable, stats-backed truth is that any business that wants success online needs strategized content marketing. It’s how you keep winning your audience over, attracting new business, and converting leads.

Optimized service or product pages that are well written and designed will only get you so far.

Once a site’s core pages are complete (i.e. they’ve been repeatedly tested so you know they work and secure sales) there’s not much more you need to do with them. You shouldn’t need to keep going over old ground and refreshing them. 

Now’s the time you must turn your attention to planned content campaigns. 

By presenting unmissable content that matches searcher intent and keyword volume, your products and services are more accessible to more of your audience no matter what stage of the buyer journey they’re at. And this is what the Compass Digital Strategies Content Marketing Strategy gives you.

Inside the service you'll find

A shared, easy-to-use Google drive complete with quick links

Three months’ worth of ready-to-go content ideas plus future topics

Master editorial calendar for content organization and distribution

Keyword research complete with search volume and difficulty

Keyword mapping for organized, targeted content across your site

Blog post structure recommendations for fully optimized articles

Irresistible lead magnet ideas that build your marketing list

Publishing and optimization checklists to keep content sharp

Every element is adapted to meet the specific needs of your business and the audience you’re seeking.

Rather than the free, empty templates you could download, this is a highly personalized service. But it feels like everyone says that.

So what’s different here?

Well, the framework comes to you already populated with ideas and data relevant to your company (and only your company). The resources you have available are also considered. The suggestions in your strategy are achievable for your business, which is what makes this a framework you can really work with. You can only blog once a month? The strategy will reflect that. Got the space and equipment to record and edit video? The strategy will reflect that.

The focus of this highly personalized service is keeping it realistic and achievable. Everything is motivated by saving you admin time and keeping content creation stress-free.

McKenzi's headshot for organic seo consultant testimonial.

Before working with Compass Digital Strategies we weren’t ranking anywhere on the web. We’re now ranking well in numerous keywords, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Barb’s continued testing and research.

McKenzi Taylor
Cactus Collective Weddings
My copywriter, Rose Crompton.

I hired Barb to put me on the right path with keyword mapping. She handled all the keyword research and created a clear, easy to understand keyword map. I’m now crystal clear on the keywords my site pages should be targeting.

Rose Crompton
Content Marketer & Copywriter

One of the things I like about working with Barb is her responsiveness. She always goes the extra mile for me, and knows how to modulate the information coming in at me in a way I can understand.

Peter Frigeri
Gaia Flowers

Through thorough keyword research and SEO best practice, she’s helped us work towards improving our website’s performance on Google. Barb rocks!

Melanie Burns
Marketing and Communications Professional

You already know why content marketing is important

Content marketing:

  • keeps your site fresh and relevant
  • supports and promotes your core pages
  • builds trust and authority around your business
  • connects with your audience in a way that sales pages can’t
  • helps you go after more keywords and search terms, and so broadens your reach
  • is a more personable way to promote your business, service, or product without annoying your audience.

The ultimate truth that all of these points lead to is this:

Content marketing generates more leads, and therefore sales.

But you know this. You’re not a startup. You’re well aware of the benefits.

What you want now is a strategy in place that’s firmer than a used car salesman’s handshake. 

So while your competitors keep struggling with an approach that’s as effective as herding cats, you’ll be well on your way to getting the results you want and your business needs.

"Marketers with a documented strategy are
313% more likely to report success."

- CoSchedule.com, 2019 Marketing Management and Strategy Statistics Survey

Other positive effects of a solid content marketing strategy

Before investing in a whole new process for your business, you want reassurance it’s worth doing. So where’s the cold, hard evidence that proves content marketing strategies are worthwhile?

It’s right here.

73% of B2B businesses say that having a content marketing strategy keeps their teams focused on established content priorities.
42% of B2C businesses report having a documented strategy.
70% of B2C and B2B companies believe their 2020 content efforts were more successful than in 2019 suggesting content strategies improve with time and experience.
24% of marketers planned on increasing how much they invest in content marketing strategy in 2020.

Dissecting each part of the Compass Digital Strategies
Content Marketing Strategy


The Google drive

What is it? It’s a centralized workspace where you’ll find every part of your personalized content marketing strategy, complete with quick links to all the documents and calendars you need.

Why is it helpful? Apart from everything being in one place, Google Drive is great for sharing information with other members of your team. Simply grant them access to the drive.


Master editorial calendar

What is it? This is the main document in your content marketing strategy, complete with a start page that has links to all the documents you need. The editorial calendar includes information on important dates relevant to your business and audience, details on posting, and more.

Why is it helpful? Keep track of your entire editorial content in a single spreadsheet. Easily toggle through the information and update as needed.


Keyword research document

What is it? It’s a huge list of keywords relevant to your industry and business, complete with search volumes and data on how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword.

Why is it helpful? Get ideas and inspiration for future content campaigns based on search terms your audience is using, and find opportunities your competitors may be missing. Making cluster content just got easier.


Keyword map

What is it? It’s a working record of what keywords are assigned to what pages and blogs on your website.

Why is it helpful? Assigning the same keyword to multiple pages on your site confuses the search engines. Give each page its own keyword so your site delivers greater opportunities.


Blog post structure ideas

What is it? It’s a collection of ideas for primary and secondary keywords and how often they should be used so your article has a better chance of ranking.

Why is it helpful? Remove the mystery around what you should write and what your audience wants to know. These recommended blog structures give you all the detail you need to produce fully optimized content.


Lead magnet ideas

What is it? These are ideas designed to encourage people to sign up to your list and download your content.

Why is it helpful? Email marketing continues to be the most powerful form of digital marketing. So you’d better capture the attention of your clients who want to hear from you.


Interactive checklists

What is it? These are quick checklists you can reuse. Run through each point to make sure your content is as powerful as possible.

Why is it helpful? There can be a lot to remember during content creation. Before hitting publish, make sure your content ticks each box to ensure maximum audience appeal and that your content is fully optimized.

PLUS, three months of ready-to-go plans to get you started.

Knowing where to begin is a major client complaint. Dodging that problem is easy. As part of this service you’ll get three months’ worth of planned-out content. You won’t have to think about what, when and where to post while you’re settling into using your new content system.

Fitting the Content Marketing Strategy into your business

The Compass Digital Strategies Content Marketing Strategy can be set up and running smoothly within your business in just two weeks. 

Here’s how that happens.

Step 1: Briefing call

During this 60–90-minute call I’ll get to know you and your business. Giving me details about the internal business resources you have available and your content marketing goals helps me create your tailor-made content strategy.

Step 2: Research and strategy creation

Over two weeks I’ll pull together the keyword and competitor data that drives the suggestions included in your strategy. I’ll drop you an email when this is complete.

Step 3: Your guided tour

It’s time to meet your flashy new content marketing strategy. Running you through everything is done in two parts.

Part one is a recorded video walkthrough of the documents and my findings. You can watch this as many times as you want, and even download it for future reference. 

Part two happens two to four days after you’ve received the video. We’ll set up a one-hour call at a mutually agreeable time. This is your chance to ask any questions about the strategy and how it works.

Step 4: Implementation

Equipped with the information and know-how for using your content strategy, it’s time for you to dive in and start creating your first three months’ worth of well-structured content. 

Want some help with content creation?

No problem. I have bolt-on services for just that.

Website copy

Refresh core pages (Home, About) and service or product pages

Blog articles

Original and engaging 600–1500-word articles that help your customers

Ultimate guides

Authority-building, long-form content of 3000+ words

Email sequences

Autoresponder emails triggered by your lead magnet

My collaborations with a professional designer/developer and copywriter mean we can create and write content that pushes your company and SEO goals further.

All content is optimized for search.
All content is created in line with your brand style.
All content is designed to promote your company’s values.

Let me know at the time of booking which service you’d like to bolt on. We’ll discuss how this works during our briefing call.

About Barb, your content marketing strategist

I’m your fluff-free, clear-talking SEO consultant.

Since starting Compass Digital Strategies I’ve made it my mission to create easy-to-work-with SEO and digital marketing resources for small and medium business owners like you.

All of my guides, courses, and services are affordable, and won’t bog you down with unnecessary detail. The Content Marketing Strategy is no different.

During my 20 years working as a digital marketing strategist I’ve analyzed, optimized, tested, and tinkered with SEO for large corporations and small-medium businesses.

Being fascinated by what I do means I’ve helped clients achieve:

  • 256% more organic traffic
  • 39% more keyword visibility
  • 22% more leads converting into sales
  • 66% more revenue through email marketing
  • 51% more sales from Google organic search.


As well as having a complete content framework created for your business, investing in this service also gets you

Three months of free access to my DIY SEO courses.

Value: Over $100

Optimization recommendations for three existing website pages.

Value: $297

That’s MORE THAN $300 of extra SEO support.
For free.


You could pay an agency thousands of dollars per month to handle this work, or…

…you could pay a one off, flat fee. And still get a highly personalized experience with a plan tailored to your business.

You also get my ‘door’s always open’ guarantee so you’re never left wondering, “How do I…?” or “What do I do when…?”

Investment: $1500

  • Three months of content
  • Interactive documents
  • Editorial calendar
  • Keyword Research
  • Future topic ideas
  • Lead magnet ideas
  • Page optimization recommendations for three existing pages
  • Blog post structure recommendations

This is a highly personalized service. As such, I can only offer three of these per month. Don’t miss out.

Ready to build the content marketing strategy your business needs?