Content marketing strategy and content creation

Keeping search engines happy and meeting the needs of your audience with SEO articles and content

Content is how your audience gets to know your company beyond the sales message. Within your SEO plan, this is the human, chatty, useful and engaging part. It’s the bit that builds the relationship between you and your customers. 

But creating blogs, white papers, ebooks, video and podcasts is time-consuming. And even if you are a dab-hand at making all the content things, what should you do with it?  

Successful content balances SEO tactics, your audience’s needs, and your business goals 

Get this equation just right and content will:

  • drive traffic,
  • generate leads, and
  • promote your brand. 

Companies who realize the power of quality content and put a strong content marketing strategy reap the benefits.

  • Content marketing gets 3 x more leads than paid search
  • Companies with blogs get 55% more website visitors than those who don’t
  • 61% of US shoppers have purchased items because of a blog recommendation

Content strategy and quality content creation services from Compass Digital Strategies

Compass Digital Strategies works in partnership with Rose Crompton Content Marketer & Copywriter.

Choose from three content marketing strategy and creation services. Pick one, combine a couple, or let’s go all out and partner up on a mega content project that covers strategy, creation, and promotion.

Content strategy

By getting to know your business, industry, audience, and the goals you’re working towards, we’ll put together a plan of action for your content. No more random posts or scrabbling for ideas.

Creating your content

Website copy, blog articles, a brochure, infographic, white paper or video script. We write and design content that pushes your company and SEO goals further.  All content is optimized for search and written to promote your company’s values.

Sharing and promotion

Reach the right people. Know when and where to share your content. This service includes your content calendar and distribution framework. We’ll guide you on where to post, repost, share and tweak your content for maximum effect (and so you get the absolute most out of each piece of content).

Kind words and successes

“I would recommend Rose to businesses who need well researched, informed blog posts with a little bit more character than your average SEO copywriting.” – Charlotte Porter, Euroworkspace

“With Rose on board, I quickly saw the impact of her writing style on the content we were producing. Our bounce rate and session duration instantly improved and clients started to explore our site further.” – Luke Christensen, Keppel Dental

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