Is Instagram Stealing Your Time (and Clients)? (Bonus EP12)

The best social sharing snippet from this interview is by far… “But be intentional with your engagement. Be intentional with who are people that are engaging with me, right? I’m going to go engage back with them. And then on top of that, I’m going to find a couple of new people and just engage with them. But you’re doing it with the mindset of this is a task. It’s not fun. Yeah, it’s not fun. But is a lot of things in your business fun? No, but there do you do them for a purpose because they will, they will give you sales in the end. They’ll give you a clientele. They’ll give you something towards your goal.”

This podcast guest episode is a conversation around the world of Instagram for small businesses, with a particular focus on maintaining a healthy mindset. Instagram expert, Lundyn Majstorovic, discusses the initial allure of Instagram and its potential pitfalls, including the pressure to keep up with trends and the negative impacts of constant engagement. The episode offers you practical strategies for using Instagram with intention. Setting boundaries, scheduling posts, and curating your feed are some of the tools mentioned to help listeners avoid the “Instagram rabbit hole.” Lundyn also acknowledges the platform’s positive aspects, such as community building and brand awareness.


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Hello, and welcome to the small business sweet spot. I’m your host Barb Davids, and this show is dedicated to helping small business owners like you get more organic website traffic and also to help create and distribute content and analyzing the numbers so that we can make better informed marketing decisions. It is action oriented, direct, and conversational. And if you’ve been looking for SEO or content marketing help, please stick around to the very end where I share about the group coaching program, small business sweet spot. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s go.

Hello and welcome back to the sweet spot I am here today with my friend and colleague and person extraordinary in my opinion Lundyn Master i thought of it. Yeah, there we go I just call you Lundyn. I know. I just mark it that way anymore.

There you go. Well, thank you. She Lundyn is the founder of the Final Touch by Lundyn, LLC, social media management company. And we are going to talk all about Instagram today and more from the mindset perspective than it is from a tactical use perspective in terms of like tips or something like that, although that might come out, who knows what happens.

So first thank you so much for taking the time today. I really appreciate it, Lundyn. And I, yeah, I am going to read out your bio and then I’m going to let you speak yourself so that people can hear from you directly what your sweet spot is. Lundyn is a social media strategist with a knack for helping small businesses thrive on Instagram.

For more than five years, she’s harnessed her expertise to help transform and amplify their online presence through an ever changing social media landscape. Some fun facts. She is captivated by the sunset.

She gets the biggest spike in serotonin from hiking and her greatest passion is deep conversations on historical topics. So I think I could talk with you about the sunset and the hiking, but not the historical. That’s right. I get that. All right. that. Yeah. Well, that’s fun. That’s a very eclectic stuff, like different things, the sunset, the hiking, and the historical.

Yeah. I graduated with a history degree and thought that that’s where I was going to go with my life. Oh. And I didn’t. I went into marketing. So I kind of just, I like to keep that part of me and still, you know, get there because it’s something I’m really passionate about outside of social media. I love it.

You got to have something outside, right? Like not doing what you do during the day, just yeah, exactly. Downtime, but absolutely great. All right. Well, maybe you could give a little bit of background in terms of how you got into social media and a little bit about who you help your sweet spot of your business.

Okay, so I started a little over five years ago and I, I was looking for something that I, I have two kids, so I was looking for something that I wanted to do at home. Again, the, the history degree, just the path that that would have led me was not what I wanted. So I realized, you know, I had to take a step back and I kind of, Val into copywriting.

And I was like, okay, you don’t, maybe this is my thing. You know it kind of falls into a lot of this, you know, paper writing that I did in history. And so I was like, you know what, maybe this would work. But as I got online on Instagram and started, you know, learning how to market myself, I realized I liked the aspect of creating and designing and coming up with strategies on Instagram and how to sell myself on Instagram.

So that kind of trans. I kind of moved into that direction because I was like, Nope, this is funner than copywriting. And then at that point you know, just little bit by little bit, I, I got referred to an aesthetic injector here in Los Angeles. And she had me kind of just hop on her page and do social media management for her.

And so that was my first little in and experience into it. And from there I just loved how every day was different. Like every day I had to be on my toes for Instagram, doing something different, creating something different every day. And so a little bit of this journey has been me understanding myself and getting to know myself and what I really love, like and what I loved.

So from then it just, I got a referral network that just kind of led me, my sweet spot is, is kind of the beauty industry. Like I realized I’m Good at that. I’m pretty good at the beauty industry, but it didn’t leave like I’ve still done Industries and helped industries outside of the beauty industry Tree and it those are really fun for me but I just kind of found that like my passion fell within the beauty industry And so that’s just where I’ve kind of stayed with okay within that that niche That is a fun background, especially when you think you’re going to go down one path and then you end up like, just a whole different one.

Yeah, it was just like a couple years there of just like constant changes and just trying to find myself and yeah, but it’s been great ever since I found myself. Yeah. That’s awesome. I love it. All right. So we’re going to talk about mindset and how to keep our sanity when it comes to Instagram and using it for our businesses, small businesses.

Is there a particular place you want to start I guess I want to start from the beginning I started being online more being on Instagram and Facebook a little bit kind of delving into that realm.

And the more and more successful that I got and the more clients I got, the more time I was on Instagram, the more, screen time I had to be on. And I. For like a good, I want to say four years of that. I was not tempted. I was like, this is all business. Like, I’m not going to overdo it in Instagram.

I’m not going to be on there too long. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m out. I’m going to do something else. Like, I’m not going to be on my phone anymore. And I want to say that I was I don’t know what’s my personality. I think I was stronger in that sense than most because like I’ll use my husband, for example, he gets on there and he’s like, it’s a rabbit hole and he just going down that rabbit hole.

And so I was like, you know, I didn’t want to my heart horn, but I really felt like, oh, it’s never going to bother me. I’m going to be above that. Well, fast forward. After about those four years, I started to see signs. I started to see signs of me being on there way longer than I should have been, you know, kind of forgetting, almost getting lost in it, forgetting what I was doing, really, really staying on track to the business, or I would reward myself with more Instagram time to, you know, once I was done with my business, I was like, okay, now I can go be on mine and I can go on reels and just dive down that rabbit hole.

And it was that, it was about a year ago, a realization, I was like, I, I hit it. I, I’m on this too long. Like I hit that, that issue. And I know that there’s, you know, even outside of our industry, people are talking about how dangerous Instagram and social media and being online can be, especially for kids.

Okay. So, well, all this, I was just thinking, it’s not going to affect me. I’ll be okay. And once I hit that, I realized I had to make a change and I have to implement things and I have to approach this again. I got a revert back to Instagram as a tool, a tool, a tool, tool, amazing tool for your business and you know, another social media channels.

I’m just going to use Instagram because it’s, it’s what I’m on the most. So at that point, brain fog hit I had like, twitching muscles of my eyes. Also, like, I didn’t, I’ve heard some people that have been doing social media management for as long as I have, would get massive Migraines that would take them out for weeks and days.

And I was like, you know, that I haven’t quite hit that. But it was an eye opener that, Hey, this is serious. So that was just kind of the first initial step of like why I was like, okay. This is something that needs to be talked about more too because it’s not just social media managers that are on there and doing it 24 7, it feels like, you know, we feel like we’re on there for hours and hours and hours of a day, but you start to see that it can be, it can be a lot of other people that are just going there to you.

Escape life a little bit. They’re going there and, and, and then at that time they’re thinking, well, I don’t want to use Instagram for my business or they have, you kind of speculate or not speculations, but they have a little bit of that toss up. Like, do I, yeah, I could go on there and I could use it for a tool, but then I also want to take time and be on there for fun and then it kind of, they lose that motivation to be on there for a purpose to promote their business.

So that’s kind of where it falls into that. I would, I would. Maybe just say to that. I I think I had a similar feeling when I started Instagram Thinking that it was going to be just for business and I really started it heavy during the pandemic I think that’s when we actually met and I was like, I need to do something. I need to get out cuz like My bread and butter of course is organic search and getting found in Google.

However, that takes a while and I was still starting my business back then in terms of trying to get it going. It’s a really competitive area when it comes to organic search. And I thought, well, why don’t I go where my people are, which I thought at the time was Instagram. And I thought, why am I not using this?

And before that I was kind of like, just, I don’t even think I was really using it at all. I think I was doing like Like personal posting not thinking about using it for business at the time And then I started to and back then I never even considered going down rabbit holes I didn’t even know what that meant or like getting off off track.

I didn’t see it back then now but Before I the same thing. Yeah, I’m sure you were like no I’m on here just Yep. As another tool, another marketing area. Yep. Exactly. And then a few months ago, I could see it, like I was, I was getting on my phone in the morning and so now I have to be really intentional about, okay, I might be just checking it just to see if there’s any really quick messages or just to see what’s happening.

Cause I, I am drawn to like, okay, well what’s happening out there. Plus there’s also a lot of I follow like good motivational things as well and I always like to see those. And then of course, sometimes my friends, I’m trying to see what they’re up to and that kind of thing. But lately it’s been more like, okay, just you can go on there to check stuff if you want, but you got like 10 minutes and then you got to get off.

And that doesn’t always happen. Absolutely. Yeah. So I, I mean, a little bit of this has been Trying to figure out that balance, because I think, you know, everyone I think will hit it at some point if they haven’t, or they’ve already hit it and they felt it and Another aspect I want to talk about this is it’s it’s not just like, oh, we’re going on for entertainment.

Like you said, we’re also going on to compare ourselves to others or wanting to see what everybody else is doing. I, I do tell my clients go on there for inspiration, you know, dive through reels, go look and see what other people are doing. What do you like, you know, what, what, how can we. Use and get inspiration from others and then turn our account on own content into that or my client’s content.

Right. But the dangerous thing of that is you, you end up just comparing yourself the whole time. And then that’s also a block from using Instagram as a tool, because you’re like I don’t, you know, I don’t, maybe I’m not the best, you know, speaking in front of the camera. And these guys are okay. That just puts me down.

Cause then I’ll never reach that. I’ll never be like them. I’ll never be able to get that type of content they do. And then it just. It defeats the purpose of why you need to be on there. And like, that kind of goes into me always having to, on top of like, just being a social media manager, I’m having to coach my clients.

Like we don’t have to do it the way everybody else does. Like we have to, we have to approach Instagram. What is best for you and your personality, what you’re like. So it’s, it’s this as much as I’m navigating myself. I have to navigate clients too in that realm. Like don’t just dive on Instagram and then get distracted, you know?

And, and I, like, I say this with a grain of salt because I can’t put words in my client’s mouth, but I have noticed, I’m waiting on, Information or, you know, edits or something from a client. And I see that they go on this dive, sending me inspiration reels, you know, and, and I’m like, okay, you’re just diving down, comparing, sending me things that you want rather than focusing on what we can do, you know?

And so I know it’s not just me. I know it’s anyone and everyone that has to be on Instagram. And it’s, it’s next part. We need to talk about the tools. What can we do to stop that endless cycle and really look at Instagram because Instagram is amazing. It’s such a great tool. And it’s such a powerful tool.

And I remember a while ago, people were, you know, like thinking, Oh, Instagram wouldn’t be around or, you know, there was different. Things that people worry that Instagram and you’re like, Oh, you’re not going to have your followers all the time. If Instagram crashes this or that, and I’m thinking Instagram is not going anywhere.

It is too successful. Like it’s just, it’s, it’s that good in a free, you know, almost, almost a free mark place to market yourself.

I feel like that same thing happens with SEO when you talked about as Instagram going away or something happens. People have said that same thing about SEO. Oh, SEO is dead and it’s been dead for like a hundred years apparently, but it’s not. But it’s not. So. And I, and like I was asking you about this the other day.

This might be off a little tangent, but. And there’s a lot of tools, like SEO inquired tools within Instagram, right? Like the alt text is an SEO, the keywords in the bios are SEO, like, so it’s there. It may not be the conventional way that you’re looking at it, like through websites, right? Or Pinterest, but it’s in another way, another form, right?

Right. Once we realize the, how much this is going to affect our health in the grand scheme of like human beings, you know, because it’s, it’s also like, you don’t realize some days you’re sitting down for hours just looking at Instagram or you’re laying on the couch, whatever it is, but it’s like, it’s a bigger epidemic than like just having this little podcast talk, but it’s, it’s serious.

It needs to start from somewhere. And I think the moment, the moment you realize that there’s a, an issue is exactly when you need to, like, we need to retract and figure out, okay, now I’m going to almost like in business. We start implementing tools into our business and we, we have systems set in place.

And Instagram needs to be part of those systems. And we need to, unfortunately, take out a little bit of the fun for Instagram and look at it in a way that’s, Hey I’m jumping on just like you’re checking your email. Right. You’re going in, you’re checking the boxes a little bit. Sometimes I give my clients a to do list and this to do list is, is a lot of clients that just don’t know what to do on Instagram.

But I realized that this to do list is, is really good for people that will give them clear message and clear a clear point to Instagram and why it can be successful. And a lot of times I have them jump on. And it’s simple as you’re going to.

You’re going to go get your post scheduled. You’re going to add this to your post. You’re going to add this to your post. Once you do that, you’re going to send your post here. You’re going to send your post to stories. You’re going to add a story. You know, and it’s as simple as this. One, two, three, four, five.

And as soon as they’re done, I tell them, you can be done. Wait till you come back. You know, wait till maybe Ideally you know, you can go back and check the post, you know, answer any questions, you know, because it’s customer service. You need to go answer any questions or any type of concerns, DMs that you have from that post, so you’re looking at this as a, as a business.

Your, your profile is your storefront, your business, you go check the boxes, and then you leave. You’re done for the day, you lock up, right? And, and I know like people have their personal accounts on top of their Instagram accounts. So they’ll go to their personal and then they’ll just go dive in, which is fine.

But I think, you know, in, in order to not get overwhelmed with having two accounts, you know, and then letting your business one fall through is that looking at their business as a business and not looking at it like. Also personal. There has to be that division there for it to be successful, because as much as I can’t fight, you know, everybody’s will to want to be on Instagram and just dive down the rabbit hole, you know, on any account they’re on, I can at least say, Hey, if you have two accounts, you make sure that business one is only for those things.

And you only do those actions on there. You don’t go compare yourself on there. You don’t go look at everyone in your industry and dive down. You know, yes, you can be on there engaging. But be intentional with your engagement. Be intentional with who are people that are engaging with me, right? I’m going to go engage back with them.

And then on top of that, I’m going to find a couple of new people and just engage with them. But you’re doing it with the mindset of this is a task. It’s not fun. Yeah, it’s not fun. But is a lot of things in your business fun? No, but there do you do them for a purpose because they will, they will give you sales in the end.

They’ll give you a clientele. They’ll give you something towards your goal. I like the part about going on with intention. I think that is intentional. So you have to be intentional with it. Yeah, absolutely. I like that idea. I think if you go in with that mindset, then it’s much easier to get yourself out of it and not get sucked down the rabbit hole for sure.

It’s almost like, as you, as we’re talking about being intentional, we’re also setting rules in place. It’s almost like giving ourselves rules so that we don’t cross that line, you know, for us.

But setting rules for those that haven’t quite hit that place yet where they’re feeling like they’re on there too much, if they set them first, then they won’t get there. But if you’ve already kind of got there and you’re feeling what we are all feeling, you know, it’s, it’s okay to revert back down and say, okay, now I’m going to implement rules into my life or Instagram.

So I think it can work either way. So don’t think that just because you haven’t felt this yet, it’s not going to hit you. Cause I, I think it will. I think that’s a really good point. I definitely felt that with myself when I was doing that, like I was talking about earlier, I thought I was just going to go on it for business.

And then the next thing I know, I’m following five different dog Instagram profiles or whatever, cause they’re funny. Yeah. And then you go down there, rabbit hole, which is, I don’t want to take away of the fun because sometimes. You get on and you’re just like laughing your head off at some of the meme account, you know, and you’re just having so much fun with it.

But again, do that on your personal a little bit, because you know, you kind of, it, it just, you’re gonna lose that compass for your business profile. Absolutely. Yeah. And, and another thing you can do is set a screen time allowance. And I know some people have done that. I, I don’t really have that option just because of my business, but I know some people, you know, they’ll, they’ll give themselves that time, you know, and it’s, I think you have to be the personality that will do that.

Like, Hey, I’m going to give myself that time. 30 minutes here and then I can go on and have screen time allowance, almost like a child. Like when you give a child their screen time and you give them, you know, up to an hour max type of thing. You almost, it’s sad, but I think that we as adults have to almost start doing that for ourselves.

And just ask yourself, like, what am I doing to try to offset this? Am I, am I putting down the phone in a different room and then I go do something else? Sometimes when the phone or, you know, whatever electronic you’re using is out of sight, it’s out of mind, right? So that could be another tip that you could use.

Like, Hey, I’m going to intentionally put my phone In another room, and I’m going to go either outside or to another room or go here, go there. If you don’t absolutely need your phone for the next hour. Don’t take it with you. Don’t be tempted to be on it or even just for a 2nd, flip it on. Yeah, because it’s so automatic right now when you just go into another room just to take it with you.

So just check Instagram with me, you know, yeah, it’s, it’s, it can, it can become to that point where you’re just flipping it on at all times. Yeah, I’ve done that when I’m waiting for, like, water to boil, and the next thing I know I’m like, oh, the water’s done, because, yeah, they’re like, oh, I completely got distracted by the reels that popped up.

I know. Yeah, yeah. That’s lot. Yeah. I do like the task idea, like having that set number of things to take care of, and then once you get done with that, then you’re good. I think that’s a very definitive approach. I like that a lot. Yeah, in my in my course where I just, you know, I teach you how to like strategize and use Instagram as a tool.

I use that a lot of. Everything you do is with intention. Everything you do is a checklist or it just doesn’t get done. It just, you know, and it’s, you have to, a lot of my clients, a lot of people out there are doing another business outside of Instagram, you know, and that’s the problem is they want to come to Instagram as something fun and entertaining and take their mind off of their work.

But at the end of the day, You have to look at that Instagram as part of the business that you’re doing. If you’re promoting your business on Instagram, because then you’re just losing compass of what Instagram even is anymore. Yes. And, and like that, like, yeah, we get to that point where it’s like, I talked about before where Instagram or like clients or people start obsessing over Instagram and obsessing over

competitors. Just other people on Instagram and I’ve had past clients that got so obsessed with it, it ruined their growth and ruin their presence and their, their perspective completely, it would just got completely lost. And it was eyeopening for me at that time to realize. Okay, where we had started is not where things ended up.

And it’s because of that obsession to they just started going down that rabbit hole comparing rather than looking inside their business and how to feature and show their business, right? Yeah. There’s so much danger to doing this. It’s, It’s, you know, it’s not just a physical and a mental thing that can happen to you if you’re just on the screen all the time, it’s actually affecting your business as well.

Mm hmm. I think that there’s something too to the whole comparison thing that people maybe don’t even know that they’re doing it. I know when I was looking at different accounts and things, I didn’t really realize I was comparing myself and it wasn’t until like recently when I started like understanding What it meant to feel like inside like like listen to what’s going on that I actually realized I was I was doing that But not in a bad way.

I didn’t think I mean, yeah I didn’t think I made myself feel bad But I had the shoulda coulda’s and should have done this should have done that kind of thing and then I was like, oh That’s really bad. So then I stopped following some of the people, so I didn’t do that anymore. But the other people that I follow, that I like their stuff, because of how they’re doing things on Instagram, it actually comes from a good place, because I follow them for their advice, in particular, like there’s a health consultant, and there was like some other industry, and I actually like what they’re doing, but it also gives me like stuff that I want to learn about at the same time.

So that’s a good point. Maybe that’s, that’s another tool. Like maybe that’s what someone else can do is they can, they go through their following and people that don’t make them feel good, stop following them, you know, and then people that make you feel inspired and, and like people that you really can get some kick from personally, keep them in your following so that you can, they can help you because I don’t want to take away, you know, like.

Oh, don’t, don’t ever look at other people’s stuff. Clearly, you know, we, we need to be social on Instagram. That’s the whole point, you know? But like you said, that’s a great point that, recognizing who’s making you feel a certain way and who’s making you feel better, you know, because we, at the end of the day, like who’s on our feed.

You should want to feel uplifted by them, you know, right, right. And, and that’s interesting. You’re right. So there’s probably those that feel insecure by people they’re, they’re watching, but there’s those that not necessarily feel insecure, but at the end of the day, in a, in like the back of their minds.

They’re comparing, but not in like, oh, they make me feel bad. It’s just a comparison of like, what are these guys doing? Yeah. So it’s, it’s a fine line to skirt between. And like, I don’t have all the answers, but it’s just a topic that I think needs to be addressed and people need to find a different way to approach this.

Yeah, I love it. I think it’s good stuff to think about and I love the the action items about like making the list and then putting your phone somewhere else. I think that’s a very practical and tangible way. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I like that. Okay. So I’m going to ask you a couple questions. My first question is, as we wrap up, what would you say is like the biggest takeaway that you hope the listeners take away from this episode?

Okay. So I think what I want people to maybe take away is you don’t have to hate social media. You just have to be aware of your time and your intention behind it, right? What intentional tasks you can take. That is a good one. I do like that one a lot. Okay. And if there was this is the point where I’m going to ask you, where can people find you?

Is there any one particular resource you’d like to point them to?

Okay. So you can find me on Instagram at the final touch underscore Lundyn. And I’d like to share with you guys a resource that I have. So my resource is, it’s like a, it’s a bundle of different tools that you can use for your content for your Instagram. It can help you strategize, organize your content plan and create.

All right. Thank you very much for your time today. I very much appreciate it. Yes. Thank you for, for having me and thinking of me and I appreciate it. Yeah. All right. And that wraps up this week’s episode on using Instagram for your small business in a very intentional way.

Stay tuned for more episodes on making your business thrive online. We’ll see you in the next sweet spot. Cheers guys.

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