Getting Away With the Bare Minimum SEO

Part One: Getting away with bare minimum SEO

Dedicate a little time each month to these 5 SEO actions, and get back to what you enjoy most. This post contains affiliate links and is part one of a two-part article. Ironic that discussing bare minimum SEO will take two whole posts, but if we’re gonna be cheeky and shave a few edges of…

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7 SEO measurements you must track

I really enjoy marathon running. And I really enjoy diving into search engine optimization (SEO) work. And, although you might not think it at first, these two things have a helluva lot in common. For example, you know you should eat well and stick to a training plan ahead of a marathon. But when it…

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How to choose your SEO keywords in 3 simple steps

Keyword research is a tedious task. But it’s essential to your SEO strategy. Here’s how to complete your keyword research in just 3 steps.